Letting Go Of The Past 29 Years

I am 29 years old and about to turn 30 in May. Throughout my 29 years, I’ve carried a story about myself. A story about who I am, how I act, what I do, and what defines me. But I finally had a moment last year where I asked myself why I’d been waiting around […]

30 Years Old And Starting Over

My story on why I’m choosing to start over My name is Chanelle and I am turning 30 years old in May 2022. I had one of my toughest years last year and because of that, I decided that I needed to change my life. Last year I went through a break-up, lost family members […]

Is 30 Old? Here’s The Surprising Truth.

Contrary to what everyone believes nowadays, turning 30 years old is something to be celebrated! Don’t let society, the media or family pressure get you thinking otherwise. Let’s get rid of the narrative that being 30 means you’re “old.” Here are the top 3 reasons for why being 30 is actually empowering and underrated. Celebrities […]

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